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Sample Submission Guide
Macrogen has served over 10 years in sequencing field using the cutting edge technology and delivering fast and reliable results. We use state-of-the-art high throughput Applied Biosystems 3730XL sequencers.
We sequence all kinds of cloned DNAs (plasmids, cosmid, phages, BACs) as well as PCR-products.
Macrogen provides a high quality DNA Sequencing service for academics, government, research institutions and private companies at Very Competitive Price.
Please contact us for any inquiry.

For more detailed explanations and recommendations about the preparation and submission of samples, please refer to the following link:
Download 'Single Pass Sequencing Sample Submission Guide' (English)
Download 'Single Pass Sequencing Sample Submission Guide' (Spanish)

To order the sequencing service, please access to our online ordering system and create an account;

For payment information, please refer to the following link:
Download 'Payment Information'

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Shipping Address (for Value Service to Macrogen Inc.)
Macrogen Inc.
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Geumcheon-gu, Seoul,
SEOUL 08511 Rep. of KOREA

Tel : +82-2-2113-7790
Fax : +82-2-2113-7919
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Macorgen Europe
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Single Pass Sequencing Sample Requirements
Sample Requirements Remarks
Plasmid - 100 ng/µl
- Minimum volume of 20µl
For re-sequencing, at lease 5 µl is required
16S - Agar Plate/Glycerol Stock
- gDNA: 30-50ng
- Minimum volume of 20µl
PCR Product
- 50ng/µl
- Minimum volume of 20µl
For re-sequencing, at lease 5 µl is required
PCR Product
- 100 ng/µl
- Minimum volume of 30µl
Difficult Sequence - 100 ng/µl
- Minimum volume of 40µl
Primer Walking - 8 µg(for an insert size of up to 4kb)
Single Strand Sequencing: 1µg/1 kb insert.
If insert size is longer than 4kb,
clone is required in an agar stab
culture status.

a) Sample for individual tube :
- General glycerol stock/ Agar-stab/Agar-plate culture at room temperature.
- 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tube is recommended in a dried (lyophilized) form or solution
..(Nuclease-free TE or distilled water) at room temperature..
- Free re-sequencing is included
b) 96 Well Plate :
- 8 strip cap is recommended in a dried (lyophilized) form or solution (Nuclease-free TE or distilled water)
.. at room temperature.
- Re-sequencing is additionally charged.

** In case of Multi primers for one plate **
Only two custom primers (or two universal primers) in tubes could be acceptable for applying this Plate sequencing.

* Note:
- The well to well variation of the concentration of your samples is very important to get
   better results, please keep it as constant as possible.

- Please prepare samples to avoid any well-to-well concentration difference or size differencefor
  quality results.

c) Primer :
- Primer : 10 pmol/uL in 20µl based on 5 samples
- Primer Tm is suitable for service : 55°C ~ 60°C
- Commonly used Universal primers are available for free of charge (ex. M13F, T7, T3)
- Design and synthesize primers if you request. (US$0.25/base)

It is possible to send either a stab or glycerol culture with the selected E.coli clone, the purified plasmid DNA or your unpurified or purified PCR product.
Templates and primers must be provided in DI water or 10mM Tris buffer, not in TE
d) To apply Plate sequencing :
- 1 primer/ 1plate service : It is for covering one type of primer all through out the plate for clients who wish to run sequencing using
  only primer through out the samples in the plate. If the client for example wish to run the sample plate with samples 1~96 using
  primer 2, same price rate for 1Primer/1Plate service will be added.

- Multi primers/ 1plate service: This service is for clients who wish to run small numbers of different samples using different primers.
  This service allows up to usage of 6 different primers under one plate service count covering 96 samples.