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Title Let's talk about RNA-Sequencing! Mar.23 2016
Let's talk about RNA-Sequencing!


MACROGEN If you require RNA-Sequencing services,
book now and take advantage of our promotion!


Promotion Event: RNA-Sequencing
RNA-Sequencing: Truseq RNA & Truseq Stranded
RNA $360 / Stranded $420
- Throughput: 3Gb/ Read count: 30M (Raw data, No BI analysis)
  If you need other options, please contact us!
- Hiseq 2500 High-Throughput mode, 100PE
- Minimum order of 24 samples
- Valid until June 30th 2016
  (Please send samples within three months)
- Service turn around time: 4 weeks after passing the sample QC
Early Bird Take advantage of our promotion!
Meet Macrogen at ICHG 2016
ICHG 2016
Please join us at a Luncheon Seminar

We will start the luncheon seminar
at 12:40 - 01:40pm on April 5th 2016.
Don’t miss your chance to learn about

“Asian Genome Project”

Speaker: Dr. Changhoon Kim (Macrogen, Inc)/
Dr. Ryo Yamada (Kyoto University)