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Number of records per page
I didn’t get the results yet.
What is the optimal concentration of DNA and primer?
Can EZ-seq work on large-sized molecules like BAC or gDNA?
I want to use one of the universal primers. Can I get this primer?
What is PO(Purchase Order) number?
How long can you read?
What kind of sequence results do I get?
Why do I have to provide all these information?
How can I save the shipping fee if I need to send samples (or primers ) repeatedly for the held reactions?
Is there any restriction on reaction numbers per order?
Can I modify the sample name (or primer name) before sequencing?
Do I need to place an order before sending samples to Macrogen?
If I have any trouble with payment, how to solve it?
Which credit cards do you accept?
How do I pay for my order?
Sample / primer return
Free Shipping to Macrogen Inc. (Korea) or Macrogen Europe (The Netherlands)
Retrial(Re-sequencing) Request Terms&Condition
Glycerol Concentration
Log in Problem
Do you synthesize a primer?
Will you keep my samples?
Concentration of Primer
May I place an order in Maryland Branch?
Is there minimum number of samples in sequencing order?
What is 96 / 384 well plate sequencing?
Do I need to use on-line system all the time?
What is the average read length?
What kind of machines you use?
What kind of computer system is required for on-line system?
Universal primers available in Macrogen
What are your preferred methods of purification?
How much is it to run the samples with unsatisfactory results again?
Only a partial number of samples were processed.
How long does it take to get my results back?
I cannot unzip the result file.
I haven't received my results yet.
I cannot open AB1 files.
How long the results are stored in your web page?
How can I order online?
I haven't received the arrival notice yet. What happened?
How long are my samples kept in freezer of Macrogen?
Should I send the primers along with the template DNA?
Could you please advise when samples will be picked up?
Do you have discounts for samples with large in number?
Concentration of plasmid / PCR product
Do I need to put dry ice or any chilling material in the parcel?
Fedex is not available in my location. How can I send the samples?
How many samples should I send to be eligible for the free shipping by Fedex?
Shipment Address
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