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Mileage usage guide
Mileage points by using sequencing service at Macrogen!
We always appreciate your sincere interests in our service.
To live up to your expectations, we offer different range of mileage on your order, and the mileage points can be converted into various gifts that we have in our stock.
Mileage service is valid for 2 years from the invoice issued date
* Do not miss the great opportunity that you can gain mileage points when payment is done in 1 month from the issued date of invoice.
  For more detail information, please see the table as below :
Payment period Mileage points
1 month Get one mileage Point
* You will be receiving 10% mileage for totaled amount of the invoice. (100 USD 10 points)
* Mileage points are transferable between your colleagues in same institution.
* Only the orders made by on-line system is applicable as all the points will be automatically calculated by the system.
Please make your own ID and check more details through our website:

* One more important thing you need to be aware is that Mileage points can be converted into various gifts that we have in our stock.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or inquires regarding this new service.
*Mileage point only issued for payments on Oligo and/or CES orders.
• 10,000P
$1100 Gift Card
iPad Pro 9.7 inch 128GB Microsoft Surface 3 128GB

• 5,000P
$570 Gift Card
Apple watch Series2 iPad mini 4 32GB Canon PowerShot D30
(Waterproof Digital Camera)

• 3,000P
$350 Gift Card
SAMSUNG smart watch gearS2 sports Canon Rayo Mini Projector Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, 6 inch

• 2,000P
$220 Gift Card
Samsonite Backpack External hard disk(3TB) Jaybird X2 Bluetooth earphone

• 1,000P
$100 Gift Card
NorthFace Bag External hard disk(1TB) Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System

• 500P
$50 Gift Card
Mac bluetooth mouse M558 OTG USB (32GB) Apple travel adapter kit

* The item is subject to be different from the above image.