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Mobile Applications
  Enjoy Macrogen LIMS on-line service on your iPhone
Simple and easy Log-in at anytime, anywhere

All Macrogen LIMS online users are accessible with no need of separate registration
Order status monitoring
Results retrieving

You are wondering about your Order status?
Real-time confirmation of results using iPhone

You can check results in your hands.
Easy message writing for request

Please post any questions regarding to results.
  Approach of accessing to the mobile web site
Macrogen Mobile can be accessible by logging in at once mobile web browser is set up (log-in service can do at log-in page once address is input)
  Installation Methods of Apple iPhone
[iphone application]
1. AppStore Icon selection - Press AppStore Icon on homepage.
2. search for application - Press on search at lower part of Appstore, then input word of 'macrogen' and
    select 'Macrogen App'.
3. application install - Press 'Free' button on application introduction page, then 'install'button will appear.
    Press on 'Install'button,install will proceed.
4. Login apply iTunes ID - Simply Login by applying iTunes ID, or please create a new ID if it is not available.
5. Application installation complete - after installation completed, application icon shall be generated on

[Installation at your PC]
1. Itunes installation - Please install Itunes on Apple Website.
2. Iphone connection - Please connect to your PC with Iphone USB cable.
3. Application installation - Click 'Installation' button and 'GET APP' button after Itunes running on your PC.
4. Create Itunes Account - Create Itunes Account when your first log on Itunes.
5. Complete Installation - Please disconnect with your PC and USB cable after install Application was
    confirmed on your Iphone

This program can only run using iOS software ver.4.2, so please apply it after updating iOS ver.4.2.